Danny Dyer’s new film “Vendetta” – Filmed at the Peacock Gym

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Follow the progress of Danny Dyer’s new film Vendetta¬†made at the Peacock Gym at http:/youtu.be/72ojqv-l7kE – coming to a cinema near you!


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  1. Hi Tony and Martin, I hope you and the family’s are well, its been a while, I have been working in Qatar for the last 3 years, I met a Scottish guy a few months ago Wayne Geary and as we spoke he mentioned his involvement with Big Alex Morrison, Boxing in Scotland and down south,we obviously had some common ground and friends .
    I mentioned some of the trips down with my best mate Ian McDonald and Tommy M, Tony,s birthday party, the trip to New York for the Lewis V Holliefield fight.The boat trip on Loch Lomond the good old days. Over here its not what you know its who you know, Do you guys know Wayne ? Regards Brian

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