Peacock Salon

Peacock Salon

Peacock Salon is now used as a training facility which caters for young people aged 14-16 with high levels of social exclusion who benefit from an alternative approach to education and personal development.  It is an alternative learning scheme which gives the youths an opportunity to gain life and social skills as well as qualifications.

Within the Salon environment I deliver an Edexcel Level One Award/Certificate as well as Diplomas in An Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector.  Students have to cover various units to achieve this qualification.  The units are as follows:

* Introduction to the hair and beauty sector

* Presenting a professional image

* Skin care

* Hand care

* Create an image using colour

* Basic makeup application

* Nail art application

* Themed face painting

* Styling women’s hair

* Styling men’s hair

* Plaiting and twisting hair

* The art of dressing hair

Peacock Academy Salon welcomes all clients, however please allow extra time as it is a learning environment.