Functional Skills English

Functional Skills English

Validating Body: Edexcel

Outcome qualification level: Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2

Guided Learning Hours: Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2 = 45 hours

Programme Duration: 1 year

Course content: The compulsory course units are Speaking, Listening and Communication, Reading, and Writing. This course enables students to demonstrate skills in speaking, listening, reading, as well as, learning how to communicate with a variety of audiences through differemt writing styles. These skills will not only develop students’ ability to appropriately express themselves creatively and imaginatively but will also help them to become critical readers of a range of texts, develop their reading comprehension. Moreover, students will learn when and how to use Standard English in the correct setting – this will be a vital skill when writing applications for jobs. 

Main delivery location: The Peacock Gym Academy

Progression opportunities and careers available: Students can progress to A-level English and other Humanities subjects with the option of studying it further at university. English studied at Higher Education can lead to many careers such as journalism, teaching and legal practice.

Named contact: Deonne Newby


“The subject I’ve improved in the most is English because my spelling and grammar was very bad when I was at school and I never read books at home. At the Peacock Gym Academy we read comic books in class and practised writing letters to celebrities. This has raised my confidence writing for different audiences.”

Jade, Year 10 student