Our Patron

The Peacock Gym Academy is very proud to have former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Lennox Lewis, as our patron. Lennox used to train at the Peacock Gym and he was born locally in West Ham. Lennox is one of the world’s most recognised athletes but he is also a tireless philanthropist, supporting education projects that affect positive change for disadvantaged children.

The Peacock gym has fond memories of Lennox dating back to the early 90’s when he was training as a professional. Everybody remembers him not just as a fantastic boxer, but also as a friendly and helpful individual, always willing to advise on the noble art. Not many people know that Lennox is a really good table tennis player, once being challenged to a game by a keen player . Halfway into the first game the challenger said, “You’re not bad at this are you?”. To which Lennox replied, “So are you, I’d better use my right hand!”, proceeding to swap to his orthodox style mid rally. Ever the strategic thinker, Lennox also played chess to win and would regularly take on members in the gym canteen. Lennox has credited the focus drawn from hours of concentrating over a chess board as helping him to outwit opponents in the ring. Lennox’s love of chess has influenced his passionate belief in young people’s education.

Lennox currently runs the Lennox Lewis Family Foundation that is dedicated to improving the lives of  dis-advantaged children, identifying  education as the driver of success in life, and like the Peacock Gym Academy, uses boxing and chess to nurture children’s physical and mental abilities.  Lennox’s Foundation, following the great man himself, has an ethos of  dedication to hard work, discipline and belief in one-self, offering socially excluded young people the chance of a quality education, to achieve economic well-being and build  their communities.

For more information about our Patron please visit his site by clicking here.