Mission and Vision


The Peacock Gym Charity supports the work of the Peacock Gym Academy, nurse an outstanding alternative education programme for young people aged 14-19. The Peacock Gym Academy employs a powerful theme of ‘education through sport’ to embrace the positive aspects of sporting excellence: through sacrifice, viagra motivation, dedication, and belief in oneself -to promote education as the main ingredient to achieving success in life

To achieve this vision we will…


Encourage our students to have high expectations for themselves and others.

We will set challenging academic and personal targets for all students. We expect our students to be ambitious and hardworking, and take responsibility for their own learning. Our students’ achievements do not happen by chance but by planned and implemented strategies driven through the Peacock Passport, a learning plan to identify what has been achieved, what could be achieved and who will help to achieve it.


Promote learning as an exciting lifelong activity and broaden student horizons and aspirations

The Peacock Gym Academy provides a challenging curriculum that motivates and meets the needs of all students to develop academically, physically, artistically, creatively and emotionally. We have created a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis upon experiential learning that allows for individual enquiry and personalised learning designed to offer every student the chance to achieve their potential. The mix of vocational and academic qualifications is delivered by staff who are passionate about their subject and who are committed to the Peacock Gym Academy, and its wider community. We build upon key stage 3 achievements and prepare our students for post 16 and lifelong learning.

A high priority is given to developing skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT in order to access essential areas of knowledge.


The school capitalises upon the Peacock Gym’s unique status as a dynamic sports club, with many positive adult role models to raise self-esteem, attainment and achievement

The Peacock Gym Academy provides ‘education through sport’ in practice: with daily exercise classes and healthy eating to encourage regular lifelong physical activity, as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life


Maintain a school ethos and climate of care and commitment to one another, where individuals are valued, feel safe, happy and have their achievements celebrated. We promote a sense of community within the school and wish to help educate young people to safeguard against at-risk lifestyles.

From the moment students arrive at the Peacock Gym Academy, they are supported by a strong welfare and guidance system. The school’s Peer mentoring and Befriending Programme is well established and acts as a first line of support for all students.

The school supports students with additional needs or talents and provide intensive mentoring, counselling, and support for those students and families to remove barriers to success.

Through regular circle-time workshops our students will be better informed to make adult decisions about drugs and alcohol, nutrition, gangs, sex and relationships, race, gender and disability, to citizenship, road safety and current affairs- with support from guest speakers and partner organisations

The school is inclusive within a caring adult community: with equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, gender, colour, sexuality or disability (subject to the facilities available at the gym)


The Peacock Gym Academy has a clear behaviour policy in place, which encourages students to act in a mature and considerate way. Behaviour expectations are made clear in The Peacock Code. The Peacock Gym Academy is a structured and well disciplined environment, with a strong emphasis on learning. There is a clear system of rewards and students understand there are consequences for poor behaviour. Our behaviour policy promotes respect for others, intolerance of bullying and harassment, the importance of self-discipline and the difference between right and wrong.

To promote good citizenship with the values of responsibility, courtesy, co-operation and respect at the core


The Peacock Gym Academy continues to develop links with the wider community, local schools, business and industry, to extend learning opportunities and provide our students with wide ranging opportunities.