Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Validating Body: Edexcel

Outcome qualification level: BTEC Entry 3 and Level 1 (Award/Certificate/Diploma) with progression to Level 2 in Dance or Music.

Guided Learning Hours:

Entry 3 = 60 hours 

Level 1 – Award = 60 hours; Certificate = 90 hours; Diploma = 300 hours

Level 2 – Award = 120 hours; Certificate = 240 hours; Extended Certificate = 360 hours

Course content: ‘Introduction to Performing Arts’, unhealthy ‘Exploring Music Performance Skills’, tadalafil ‘Exploring Dance Skills’, ‘Exploring Acting Skills’ and ‘Film making’, learning skills using technology and developing programmes include; interviews, documentaries, animation, and still photography. At Level 2, students will have the choice of pursuing either a Dance or Music pathway which are practical courses enabling them to develop and extend the skills learnt at Level 1. 

Students will do both a solo and group live performance (singing, dancing or playing an instrument) which is intended to develop their confidence in making presentations to a given audience. Moreover, students will learn how to play and read music, as well as enhance their oral skills and appreciation of different genres of music.

Work Related Learning: Students will record and produce music tracks in the Peacock Gym Academy’s music studio, complete with professional mixing equipment and musical instruments.

Employer engagement: Students replicate professional contexts through public performances, directed, designed and managed by industry practitioners. There will also be visits from professional actors and theatre workers who will host theatre workshops to give students a sense of what the industry has to offer.

Main delivery location: The Peacock Gym Academy’s dance studio/music studio

Progression opportunities and careers available: Career opportunities in acting, broadcast presenting, dancing, musician, theatre directing, and theatre stage managing.

Named contact: Laura Bowers